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Actions speak louder than words:
Here is some footage from Craig's Record Breaking ride:

Ashley Jones

Cape Reinga

8am Monday Feb 20th 2017

Support crew member Callum Anderson starts Craig off from the magical and spiritual northern most point of New Zealand.

Tess Brown

Kiwi can for kids

As a proud father, Craig chose to partner with The Graham Dingle Foundation's KIWI CAN program to raise awareness and over $50,000 for it's program in local primary schools.

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Lisa Rose

Rakaia River Bridge

At over 1.7km long, NZ's longest bridge crosses this classic Canterbury braided river. Quite spectacular. Drone footage courtesy of TrackMe.NZ.


Lisa Rose

up up and away

With a huge thanks to GCH Aviation, Craig was able to make a speedy and safe transition from downtown Wellington to the Picton foreshore to start the South Island leg of this record attempt.

Lisa Rose

Sterling point, bluff

Emotions were high as Craig rolled in to Bluff and the iconic road end signpost at 5:45pm on Friday. In doing so, he set a new record for fastest time to cycle the Length of NZ of 4 days, 9 hours and 45 minutes.

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