top of page success relies heavily on the support of a close team.

Many of the crew below have assisted Craig through his numerous Ultra-Cycling adventures. From hometown races of the multi-lap Graperide in Marlborough, to winning 2 xMaxi-Enduro Round Taupo races, and even his length of NZ record breaking ride.

At RAAM 2019, the crew were primarily focused on ensuring he made it to the finish line and stayed competitive at the front of the international endurance cycling field.

Planning this level of logistics and preparing for all weather conditions is no easy task. The team is on the road continuously travelling in support vehicles and helping Craig with nutrition, bike and equipment support, route selection, motivation, and media communications. All this while operating safely and obiding by the rules. 

While battling their own sleep exhaustion and wellbeing, they must ensure that Craig stays motivated and fully supported to stay in top condition throughout the race.

RAAM 2019 support crew:

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