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Craig has built a vast experience of performance across a number of challenging disciplines. These have progressed over the years, self managing and funding some epic Physical, logistical, and Mental Challenges here in NZ, and abroad.

From cooking for NZ athletes at the Olympic Games, helping manage University athletes in Russia, to competing himself against some of the World's best athletes; Craig has seen first hand what high performance looks like from many different angles.

With the theory of a Sport Management and Coaching Diploma, Craig is able to offer customized Speaking, Mentoring, or Coaching platforms.

Whether it is one on one or a group situation, Craig can help you with stories of inspiration, overcoming adversity, regaining focus, goal setting, establishing a meaningful purpose, or a seeing a fresh perspective.

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CRAIG HARPER - Ambassador for:



“Thank you for being part of our Conference and for your inspiring presentation, I truly can’t imagine the mental (and physical) determination that must be required. I will certainly be following your Solo attempt – Good luck!"

TRC Tourism

“Thank you Craig, you were very inspirational and we are so thankful I am sure everyone took something from your speech that they can learn from and implement into their day to day lives and training"

Marlborough Boys College

“Thank you very much for the inciteful and inspirational speech at the 2019 Marlborough Young Viticulturist Awards Dinner. You eloquently described the challenges that you overcame .......... the mental belligerence is intriguing.......... the videos provided a sense of place..........I have had a lot of positive feedback."

Marlborough Viticulture

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