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2007  2 x lap Graperide, 202km

2013  5 x lap Graperide, 505km

2014  10 x lap Graperide, 1,010km

2014  2 x lap Lake Taupo Enduro, 320km

2014 Nelson to Christchurch Race, 440km

2015  4 x lap Lake Taupo Maxi Enduro, 640km

2016  5 x lap Graperide, 505km

2017  "Long White Ride" Length of NZ Record, 2,120km

2018  4 x lap Lake Taupo Maxi Enduro, 640km

2019 Race Across America, 4,940km

2021  2 x lap Graperide, 202km

2021  Around Brunner Enduro, 277km

2022  6 Corners Challenge, 445km

2023  Sounds 2 Sounds brevet, 1,437km

2023  Around Brunner Enduro, 260km

2023 6 Corners Challenge, 445km

2023 2 x Lap Lake Taupo Enduro, 320km

2024 Around Brunner Enduro, 260km

5 hr 47min.

2nd.  17hr 50min

1st.  39hr

5th.  9hr 40min.

1st. 13hr 15min.

1st.  22hr 49min. STRAVA FILE HERE

1st.  17hr 15min.

4 days, 9 hr, 45 min.

1st.  21hr 45min. STRAVA FILE HERE

4th.  10 days, 15hr.

4th.  5hr 28min. STRAVA FILE HERE

2nd.  8hr, 14min. STRAVA FILE HERE

23hr, 45 min. STRAVA FILE HERE

5 days, 9hr.  STRAVA FILE HERE

2nd.  7hr 15min. STRAVA FILE HERE

21hr, 13min. STRAVA FILE HERE

2nd. 10hr, 1min. STRAVA FILE HERE

2nd. 7hr 23min. STRAVA FILE HERE

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