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Length Of New Zealand - Cape Reinga to Bluff - 2140 km Non-Stop ​

The concept of riding the length of New Zealand is considered reasonably common these days, with fantastic trail networks and events like the Tour Aotearoa proving very popular.

However the idea of racing the entire distance as fast as possible on roads, has only been attempted a handful of times. The challenge of attempting this (supported)  ultra-cycling expedition involves much planning and logistical preparation, and should not be confused with self-supported races or bike packing adventures. The two types of riding are very different. While both types of riding are physically and mentally challenging, they have unique challenges and should not be compared.

Ultra-cycle racing on roads is not hugely popular in New Zealand, compared to countries in Europe and North America, where organised events like Race Across America, Race around Austria, or Race around Ireland draw large numbers. 

Regardless, over the last few decades, a few hardy souls have attempted and succeeded in slowly lowering the record time from Cape Reinga to Bluff, non stop.

The same rules have been passed down, loosely aligned to those of the International Ultra Cycling Association. For someone wishing to consider the Length of New Zealand record attempt, we encourage you to follow these simple rules:


Inform the previous record holder(s) of your attempt prior to starting.

Name a start date, minimum of 2 weeks out and stick to it (no weather picking).

To ride solo (no drafting or companions).

Start timing at the lighthouse of Cape Reinga.

Finish timing at Stirling Point, road end signpost, Bluff.

Rider to choose their preference of crossing Cook Strait, but at Wellington must ride to at least the Ferry Terminal.

Commence the South Island ride from Picton Foreshore.

Route choice is unlimited, but must stick to road rules at all times - no motorways as per NZTA road rules at the time. These may change over time, but currently there are sections in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin that are illegal to bike on.



Ross Bush


Robb Scott


Colin Anderson

4 days 18 hours


Craig Harper

4 days 9 hours 45 minutes



Joanna Sharpe

6 days 9 hours 19 minutes

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