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Many people ask what do I eat and drink when racing. It is not a simple answer as I have learnt from experience. Having endured extreme conditions, the body can struggle to deal with normally simple tasks like digestion.


It takes careful planning to be able to sustain such massive physical demands.

Managing body fluids and energy needs can be complicated and involves the following factors:

  • Temperature and humidity

  • Intensity of exertion

  • Stomach digestion capabilities

  • Electrolyte loss (sweat rates and sweat composition)

  • Time of day/night

  • Bowel movements

  • Body fluid content (weight)

I prefer to consume liquid based fuel for longer events now. In the Race Across America 2019, I consumed a fluid only diet for 90% of the race. With the help of quality sports fuel like Hammer Nutition.

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During the 2017 Long White Ride, Craig burned 47,000 calories –
the equivalent of 530 bananas or 85 meals of Eggs Benedict.


SOLOkiwi Green Smoothie:

1 C Spinach

1/2 C Coconut Water

1/2 C Almond/Soy/Coconut Milk

1 big spoonful plain yogurt

3 Brazil nuts

1 banana

1 kiwifruit

1 big spoonful protein powder

1 tsp spirulina powder

Blend and enjoy!



SOLOkiwi Muesli slice:

In a saucepan melt:

100g Coconut oil, 160g honey, 1/2 C peanut butter, spoonful maple syrup, 1 Cup chopped dates.

Take off heat, mix well and add dry ingredients:

1 C ground almond

2 C rolled oats

1 C shredded coconut

1/2 C sliced almonds

1/2 C mixed sunflower/pumpkin seeds

1/2 cranberries

1/4 C black chia seeds

1/4 C cacoa powder

2 tsp ground cinammon

2 tsp ground mixed spice

When all mixed together, add

1 C dark chocolate melts

Press into lined slice tray and bake 20min @ 180 deg C.

Cool and fridge overnight, then slice and keep in fridge in a container.

Enjoy anytime straight from the fridge with your favourite brew. Sensational.

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