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Home of the Indiannapolis 500, Indiana is the eighth state on the Race Across America.

Craig will be ​three-quarters of the way to the finish line by the time he reaches Indiana. With a lack of sleep and constant pedalling since the beginning of the race, his body will be seriously hurting and his mind playing tricks.

It's up to his support crew to ensure Craig stays safe, while also facing their own exhaustion from being on constant call.

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  • Average June temperature: 22 degrees Celcius

  • Population: 6.7 million

  • The Studebaker Company originated in South Bend, Indiana. Craig's ride through Indiana is particularly poignant as he rode in a Studebaker to his wedding with Kate.

  • Wabash Indiana was the first city in the world to be lit with electricity.

  • Corn is a major industry in Indiana, with almost half of all cropland planted in corn.... more than 20% of the United States' popcorn supply is from Indiana.



Back in 2000 Neil Callahan and Ian Martella were electricians working for another firm. They believed they could offer a vastly improved electrical service in Marlborough if they went into business together.

Since then, their company has become the largest electrical business in Marlborough, servicing Blenheim, Picton, Marlborough Sounds, and Kaikoura. So Neil and Ian got the formula right from the start.

Callahan and Martella - Craig Harper's SOLO Indiana state sponsors
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