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The sprawling state of Arizona is the sixth largest in the USA.

Craig will cross the Colorado River into the 'Copper State', crossing the spectacular arid Sonoran Desert, and marking the beginning of a gruelling lengthy climb from 300 feet to over 10,000 feet, spanning Arizona, Utah and half of Colorado.

The desert covers large parts of the Southwest United States and Northwest Mexico and is one of the hottest in the world. It has an area of 260,000 square kilometers (120,000 sq mi).

Heat exhaustion and dehydration will be major factors of the desert section of the race - June temperatures are expected to range from a low of 23 degrees Celcius to a high of around 41 degrees Celcius.

The Sonoran is the only place in the world where the famous saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) grows in the wild.

Riding through the Navajo Nation, Craig heads North towards Utah's famous Monument Valley.


  • Average June temperature: 23 - 41 degrees Celcius

  • Population: 7 million

  • Arizona is known as the 'Copper State' due to its extensive copper mining industry. The amount of copper on the roof of the Capitol building is equivalent to 4.8 million pennies.

  • The Sonoran desert is the only place in the world where the famous saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) grows in the wild.


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